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Stocked & Ready - Used Auto Parts

Remember the good old days when getting used auto parts meant you had to go walk through a junk yard full of old cars in ankle deep mud.  There were no guarantees that a part was good and it took hours to find the part you needed....

Well those days are gone.  We are a modern junk yard.  As quick as a phone call to (810) 235-9166 we can tell you if we have the used part you need.

If you would like to see your part before you buy come on out to Complete Auto & Truck Parts on Dort Highway in Flint, Michigan the cleanest junk yard in the city.  We've got your parts on the shelf and ready to go.

The used auto parts we sell are backed by a 30 day standard guarantee (some exceptions apply see Warranty at bottom of page).  Our inventory is all itemized on the computer so we can tell you in minutes if we have your used auto part.

If you are out of state we will be glad to ship it to you, so just call 1-888-235-9100 if you our out of town.  We look forward to hearing from you.

We do have rows and rows of cars if you really want to walk through a junk yard, but unlike the old days, you will not find any mud and we can tell you what row to go look in for your used auto part. So give us a call or stop on in and we will find you the part you need.  If we don't happen to have it in stock we can run a locate for you and find it.

Call 810-235-9166 for all your local parts needs.

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